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Infinite research on chips for new future

Shanghai Anlogic Infotech Co., Ltd. (688107.SH), founded in November 2011, a leading Chinese IC design company.

With the independent R&D capability of FPGA chip hardware and FPGA compiler software, it focuses on the development of general FPGA technology and system solutions.

It was successfully listed on the STAR Market in 2021 to be the first A-share listed company focusing on FPGA business.

The company, based in China and facing the whole world, is determined to bring changes to the industry structure, with the vision of becoming the world's leading supplier of programmable logic devices.

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To be a world-class FPGA supplier

Core Values

  • Appreciation
  • Never stop
  • Leading ahead
  • Open and Fair
  • Go all out
  • Innovation and Pragmatism
  • Customer Success
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    Expert Team

    The company’s founders and core team are composed of senior technical management personnel from the industry and those experienced in IC hardware and software. The company has a R&D team with excellent technology and the spirit of pursuing innovation, with the R&D staff members graduated from famous colleges and universities at home and abroad.

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    Main Business

    Development and sales of Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) chips and supporting development software tools.

    Our SALPHOENIX® high performance product series, SALEAGLE® high efficiency product series, SALELF® low power series,SALDRAGON® system-level FPSoC® product series are successfully applied in industrial control, consumer electronics, medical devices, network communication, automotive electronics and other fields with exquisite quality.

Help users create value with chips and achieve self-transcendence with heart


  • 2023
    • SALDRAGON® series FPSoC® released

    • National Postdoctoral Research Institute established

    • Certified as the first batch of Shanghai Innovative Enterprise Headquarters

  • 2022
    • SALPHOENIX®2 series FPGA chips developed;

    • Cumulatively 100+ million SALFPGA®chips shipped;

    • Won the first prize of Shanghai key product quality research achievements

  • 2021
    • Successfully listed on the STAR Market, to be the first listed company in A-share to focus on FPGA business

    • SALSWIFT® series FPSoC®mass-produced;

    • Awarded the National Specialized, Refined, Special and Innovative "Little Giant";

    • Passed Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center Certification

  • 2020
    • SALPHOENIX®1series FPGA chips mass-produced

    • Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award;

    • Shanghai Patent Work Pilot Demonstration Unit

  • 2019
    • Funded by IC Grand Fund;

    • SALELF®3series FPGA chips mass-produced;

    • The 10 millionth FPGA chip off the production line, and R&D of medium - and high-end PH100K devices completed;

    • Passed IP management system certification

  • 2018
    • Products entered the mainstream device market, and scale of the company's operations began to expand

  • 2017
    • Funded by CEC UW Semiconductors and Shanghai Science and Technology Venture Capital;

    • Launched the SALELF®2 series, the first high-performance, low-power SoC FPGA

    • Received High-tech Enterprise Certificate

  • 2016
    • SALELF® series FPGA chips mass-produced

  • 2015
    • Jointly funded by Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Group and Shenzhen Skyworth Group;

    • SALEAGLE® series FPGA chips mass-produced, and successfully entered the industrial control market

  • 2014
    • The first generation of Anlogic chips born, Supporting software released;

    • Funded by CITIC Capital

  • 2013
    • Succeeded in hardware and software merger test;

    • Received IC design enterprise recognition certificate

  • 2012
    • The core team joined, to start the independent development of the product

  • 2011
    • Anlogic Infotech founded

Honors and Awards

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    National Specialized, Refined, Special and Innovative "Little Giant"

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    High-tech Enterprise

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    Shanghai Patent Pilot Enterprise

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    Director Unit of Integrated Circuit Design Automation Industry-Education Integration Alliance (EDA Industry-Education Integration Alliance)

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    Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award

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    2019Core Innovative Enterprise and IC Unicorn

  • ry_5.png

    2018 Core Innovative Enterprise and IC Unicorn

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    Excellent Technological Innovation Product of "China Core"

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    Member of RISC-V Industry Alliance in China

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    Best Market Performance Product of "China Core"

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    Most Valuable Enterprise of "China Core"

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    Most Potential Product of "China Core"

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