Anlogic Infotech upholds a strategy of continuous improvement to pursue continuous product optimization. The product/process change notification (PCN) policy optimized meets the requirements of J-STD-046. Anlogic Infotech will inform customers of significant changes affecting product shape, suitability, functionality, or product quality or reliability as required by change management notification.

Anlogic Infotech will provide the following information via a Product Change Notice prior to making any change.

  • 0f5_icon01.svg

    Reason for change

  • 0f5_icon02.svg

    PCN tracking number

  • 0f5_icon03.svg

    affected product model

  • 0f5_icon04.svg

    contact information

  • 012.svg

    impact on appearance, function, software, data and manuals

  • 0f5_icon06.svg

    validation plan and results

  • 0f5_icon07.svg

    sample availability date (if samples are available)

  • 0f5_icon08svg.svg

    expected date of change/production discontinuation

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