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Evaluation Board


SF102 Development Board

SF102 development board, based on SF1 series FPSoC device SF1S60CG121I, combines the features of SF1 series chips, provides rich peripheral interfaces and facilitates customers to design and verify the solution

  • MIPI
  • FPSoC
  • RISC-V
  • DSI
  • LCD
  • OLED
  • Overview
  • Features

Product Overview

The master chip of SF102 development board is SF1S60CG121I device. SF1 series FPSoC devices are based on low-power technology to realize the integration of FPGA and RISC-V chip advantages with a single chip, involving mass storage resources (PSRAM) and hardcore controllers, 6K logic resources, integrated MIPI hardcores, supporting single chip loading, fast power-up, non-volatile storage and other technologies, with rich peripheral resources such as AHB Slave, SPI, I2C, UART and GPIO integrated on RISC-V.

Product Features

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    Functional Peripherals

    DSI interface, CSI interface, OLED, TF card, TFT LCD interface

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    Application Cases

    CPU reads images from SD card, caches them into PSRAM, and lights up the screen via DSI

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    FPSoC System

    SF1 FPSoC system involves RISC-V processor, system bus, FPGA fabric, and hardcore modules

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