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Software Tools

FPGA and FPSoC integrated development environment self-developed by Anlogic Infotech



TangDynasty (TD) is an FPGA integrated development environment independently developed by Anlogic Infotech. It supports industry-standard design inputs, involving a complete circuit optimization flow and rich analysis and debugging tools, and offers an excellent interface to third-party design verification tools, providing strong support for the design of all applications based on Anlogic Infotech FPGA products

  • RTL synthesis
  • Gate level synthesis
  • Layout optimization
  • Bitstream generation
  • Cabling optimization
  • Product Overview
  • Product Features

Product Overview

TangDynasty (TD) is an FPGA integrated development environment developed by Anlogic Infotech, all based on the user needs: simple interface, intelligent behavior, efficient operation, supporting Windows and Linux operating systems. Its innovative software algorithms effectively support ELF, EAGLE, SF1 and other series of devices of different scales; the expandable software architecture quickly supports multiple product types including single-chip, SIP, SOC; the structured software development platform supports accurate simulation and rapid evaluation of new hardware structures, user design IP protection and bitstream encryption confidentiality

Product Features

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    Software architecture

    Architecture-optimized algorithm engine, improving the efficiency of RTL input, synthesis, layout, and cabling

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    Software Interface

    Simple interface, intelligent behavior, efficient operation

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    Position Constraint Tool

    Graphical operation for customer convenience

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    Timing Constraint Tool

    Support multiple timing constraints to improve system performance

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