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FPGA and FPSoC integrated development environment self-developed by Anlogic Infotech


FutureDynasty® (FD)

FutureDynasty® (FD) is an FPSoC integrated development environment independently developed by Anlogic Infotech. It currently supports project creation for Softcore and SF1 platforms, allowing users to quickly create projects based on the templates provided by FD without configuring project parameters, and to compile and debug RISC-V projects

  • SoftCore、SF1
  • FreeRTOS、RT-Thread、uCOS-II
  • Overview
  • Features

Product Overview

FutureDynasty® (FD) provides users with a simple and efficient SoC software development kit, supporting C\C++ language, RISC-V compilation system, multiple platforms and matching templates, OpenOCD+GDB debugging, automated configuration, and fast configuration. FD assists customers in achieving rapid solution development and iteration based on FPSoC products of Anlogic Infotech

Product Features

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    Software architecture

    Supporting multiple platforms, systems and templates

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    Software Interface

    Simple interface, intelligent behavior, efficient operation

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