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Compliance Statement & Management

  • Management commitment statement of Anlogic Compliance

    As a company registered in China, Shanghai Anlogic Infotech Co., Ltd. ("Anlogic Infotech") is committed to complying with applicable national and regional laws and regulations, actively implementing compliance practices, and conducting its business activities accordingly. Anlogic Infotech firmly believes that compliant business operation is essential to establish a corporate image of integrity and responsibility, so as to win the trust of partners and customers, effectively avoid and reduce compliance risks in business, and continuously improve the Company‘s competitiveness in the market, thus escorting the Company‘s long-term development.

    Anlogic Infotech hereby undertakes that the Company will always comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to the Company’s operations, both in China and in other relevant countries and regions, and support the international commitments made by the Chinese government, including the international obligations of the Chinese government to implement relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. The management of Anlogic Infotech attaches great importance to compliance management and will continue to coordinate and devote sufficient resources to ensure that all business activities conducted are in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies of relevant countries and regions.

  • Third Party Compliance Management

    Supplier Compliance Management

    Anlogic Infotech requires suppliers to operate their businesses in compliance with laws and regulations, encourages suppliers to establish compliance management systems and foster compliance expertise, conveys compliance requirements to suppliers, and terminates cooperation with non-compliant and dishonest suppliers.

    Partner Compliance Management

    Anlogic Infotech attaches great importance to compliance management for all partners, incorporates compliance requirements into partner management policies, conveys compliance requirements to all partners, guides the partners to establish compliance management capabilities, encourages reporting of violations, imposes penalties for noncompliance, and terminates cooperation with non-compliant and dishonest partners.


Reporting Ways

You can report any violation of laws and regulations by Anlogic Infotech employees or partners in the following ways, the Company promises to keep the whistleblower and the reported issues strictly confidential.

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